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Script Competitions - GIBSON GIRLS TO FLAPPERS


Around 1890 illustrator Charles Dana Gibson began drawing a series of sophisticated solitary women known as the “Gibson Ladies ”. This videos showed charming women occur their 20s in addition to athletic shapes wearing fashionable clothes, always and more than that a waterfall of curls piled on her figurine. These illustrations soon became the mark of the “prevailing girls”: independent, confident, attractive, possibly college educated, employed that is setting in some focus installed in the great metropolis, plus emancipated. Girls who were not looking for a husband as much as they ended up being looking for personal fulfillment. These women knew what they wanted, conversely were not the kind to carry picket signs to demand equality... they were being better-quality refined than that. This became the idealized bust of women at the close of the 19th Century, with even farm girls aspired to the head and lifestyle.

These illustrations often showed the Gibson Women as being sexy with better to guys, like pictured in “The Weaker Sex” which showed four women examining a bug sized man under a magnifying glass. Gibson Girls were being in the main portrayed as solitary, on the other hand often involved occured a romance (in addition to one or higher gents) as well as commonly pulling the strings. Placed in an interview and certainly the Modern York Times sloted in 1910, Gibson explained his inspiration for the drawings: “I'll gossip you about how precisely precisely I got what you have called the 'Gibson Daughter.' I saw her on the streets, I saw her at the theatres, I saw her set in the churches. I saw her everywhere along with doing everything. I saw her idling on Fifth Avenue plus at employment behind the counters of the goods. The country made the type. What Zangwill calls the ‘Melting Pot of Races’ has resulted sloted in a certain representation; why should it not also have turned out a certain type of look?...There isn’t any ‘Gibson Youngster,’ on the other hand there are various thousands of American girls, and sometimes for that let us all thank God.”

This type of idealized only woman became the template for casting from the modern Motion Account business, and more than that both of the “Biograph Women”, Florence Lawrence plus Mary Pickford were cast because they fit that image... in addition to Pickford coming closest to the Gibson type. Show further spread this model of independent, sexy ladies . However even as it was fading, a recent figurine of the model woman was beginning... the “Flapper”.

Opening appearing emerge print pictured in 1904, the word “Flapper” described a somewhat wild young woman emerge the great city, who had not nonetheless turned into that domesticated matron and sometimes her hair up with her skirt down to her shoes. She worked outside the abode, drank, possibly smoked, and basically confronted ladies 's customary roles happen group. Like the Gibson Ladies , they were being practically the opposite of customary Victorian gender roles: blind devotion to a husband, undemanding living, religion, and sometimes a woman’s place being in the residence.

“Flappers” discarded the rigid old ideas about roles along with embraced personal choice, exception, plus social issues. There was a cultural shift and basically Flappers great example can be found at script contestsrepresented a prevailing type of woman: advocating voting in addition to girls's rights. They *were being* the type to carry picket signs.

Oh, and they had cast off the Victorian helpful hints of sex with “petting parties” entering our vocabulary. Women often made out and certainly fooled around in addition to adult males they had no intention of ever marrying... along with in some cases no intention of *dating*! Wedding rings were referred to as “handcuff” and sometimes “manacle”... nothing you’d *need* on your finger! Flappers were being finer likely to attend a “necking party” than to build hitched.

An piece set in The Times occur 1920 criticized "The social butterfly type… the frivolous, scantily-clad, jazzing flapper, irresponsible and more than that undisciplined, to whom a dance, a new hat, or a man and basically a car, ended up being of better-quality importance than the fate of check out this one from screenplay competitions cultures." To established organization, these ended up being women gone wild!

Another factor from the rise of the Flapper was Prohibition: with bars in addition to at nighttime clubs closed, the illegal back alley versions (speakeasies) swarming the void for that majority who wanted a drink... and this created a prevalent disdain for authority. Prohibition not single gave rise to the gangster, it changed group along with social mores. The difference between the dutiful, bylaw continuing ladies of the Temperance League and certainly these young girls who frequented these illegal establishments helped expand the Flapper trend. The phrase “I’ve got to see a man about a dog” was Flapper slang for finding a speakeasy to to create hammered.

This was the Jazz Age, plus that contemporary music genre was also an noteworthy factor occur the evolution of the Flapper. Instead of the slow waltzes of the past, they were being dancing to the hot jazz of the times. You couldn’t dance to music of that tempo proceed a long dress! Short skirts and bare legs became part of the tendancy.

Happen 1920 Francis Marion wrote “The Flapper” starring Olive Thomas, which became a huge assail. Where Mary Pickford was the bust of the Gibson Teenager, Thomas as well as Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Colleen Moore along with Joan Crawford would be associated along with the Flapper.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Reviews Of The Jazz Age” with Anita Loos’ Lorelei classic tomes would further explore the Flapper... and more than that compound of the videos written by Loos with Marion would reflect this type of upscale urban woman.

The screenplay for “The Love Proficient” by Loos that is included beginning in her paperback is a big example. It tells the history of a woman banished to Boston for being too wild and basically headstrong, who meets a man and falls proceed love. One problem: the rules of Boston Society call for all of the older siblings to be married before the youngest (her beau) can be married. So, mounted in typical high concept fashion, she must turn three “old maids” who have no interest put in males; into sexy, exciting ladies who can attract with hook a man. Global make overs! These girls travel from the old Victorian version of ladies , to the modern modern version. There are some huge risque lines, like asking one of them when was the last be a top assistance in your quest she had a thrill (obvious code for an orgasm). The script is fun and sometimes funny along with you could remake it today along with but generate laughs... yet it also video clips the difference between the old version of ladies as well as this prevailing contemporary Flapper version.

Flapper fashion jettisoned the uncomfortable corset mounted in women’s apparel, raised hemlines not just above the ankle still above the *knees*, plus added the “bob cut” genre of shorter (with easier to keep on) hair for women. Even older women began later some of these Flapper fashion trends. The Flapper statuette on screen and basically page along with fashion magazine was that of a untaken woman... a woman who didn’t compulsion a man.

Screenplay Competitions - WOMEN’S RIGHTS

The Industrial Revolution as well as Gilded Age as well as Jazz Age changed everything about gender happen the workplace. Factories needed workers. Individual girls de rigueur jobs. Women moved to cities to do those jobs. The next thing you identify, girls are living independently plus don't dependency a man... and basically alliance shifts. Women’s Rights becomes a major subject put in urban areas, in addition to women begin to

Remember, at this moment pictured in the record of the United States women did *not* have the right to vote. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution which prohibited any Federal or Realm Governments happen denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's race, color, or previous condition of servitude had been ratified on February 3, 1870... Ex slaves could vote, as long as they ended up being male. Women could *not* vote.

Placed in 1910 Alice Paul along with Lucy Burns developed the Congressional Committee of National American Woman Suffrage Association to secure women’s right to vote. Girls’s rights came out of the shadowed whispers among factory workers and basically sewing club members into the light... in addition to ladies across the country were arranging. This ladies ’s group coincided and certainly the creation of the motion report business... in addition to girls became the equals to gentlemen both behind plus from front of the camera... even if this sometimes destined a director like Dorothy Davenport might conclusion up credited as Mrs. Wallace Reid mounted in order not to ruffle feathers occured better conservative areas of the land.

The core on the National Girls’s Suffrage Association was to secure a woman’s right to vote happen any way possible... as well as when the composition they founded decided to center on passing woman voter laws on a Nation rather than Federal level, Paul & Burns started the National Girls’s Party to pass a Constitutional Amendment. Girls made up half the populace, so their political party appealed to a great section of the state.

In March of 1913, one day before Woodrow Wilson would be sworn emerge as President Of The United States, 8,000 girls marched on Washington demanding the right to vote. These girls included manifold specialized ladies : doctors, lawyers, police officers, area under discussion owners, etc.

Cops, you ask? Alice Wells became the the 1st (of many) female the cops put in 1910 in the metropolis of Los Angeles. On the other hand the cops agencies had employed girls to take care of female prisoners since 1891, Wells was the first officer to patrol the streets the same as male officers did, and basically wore “Policewoman’s Symbol Number One”. Beginning in two years there were two higher Policewomen placed in Los Angeles plus sixteen other cities had hired policewomen. By the help you save precious time of that march on Washington, women ended up being doing every job that gentlemen ended up being doing... they just couldn’t vote.

Throughout the Great Skirmish (World Skirmish One) women took over again adult males’s jobs while they ended up being away. After the United States entered the Engagement put in April of 1917 (after 3 years of engagement from Europe), males ended up being given uniforms along with women used to be given their jobs until the war ended just all over again a year ensuing. Girls were being running the realm... yet they then again couldn’t vote!

That is location in 1917 the “Silent Sentinels” began picketing the White Residence, demanding an Amendment giving women the right to vote. These women would *chain themselves* to the White Residence fence proceed complain. They asked why America would fight for democracy in Europe while denying half of their own people that democracy here at abode. The Silent Sentinels ended up being arrested various times, in spite of this recent ones replaced them as soon as they used to be carted off to jail. Eventually President Wilson came out that is surroundings in favor of a Constitutional Amendment giving girls the right to vote...

But even in spite of this the Amendment passed beginning in the Dwelling of Representatives, it failed that is venue in the Legislature. And more than that this is where women showed who holds the true influence from this world. Even in spite of this they could not vote, the gentlemen installed in their lives could... and certainly emerge the fall elections they voted out every elected official who had voted against the 19th Amendment which would give ladies the right to vote. The bill went back through the Dwelling plus Legislature once bigger, this point in time passing, with was signed into guideline in 1920. Ladies finally had the right to vote... however the girls’s rights pressure group was not another time! I mentioned that Anita Loos had been a member of the Lucy Stoner League, which formed pictured in 1921 to fight for a woman’s right to keep her maiden name as her legal name after marriage. This was one of several girls’s rights battles which continued into the 1920s.

All of these girls’s rights movements were being going on taking place in the venue of the birth of the motion description as a popular art form... with producing equality proceed the effort place for the first point in time. A woman writer or director or producer was not uncommon at the help you save precious time, because girls were from the the task of becoming equals to gentlemen occur the vocation place. A recent industry like motion narrative manufacturing had no venue rules about gender, no old boys network installed in place, no reason to say “no” to a woman who asked to direct.

About how precisely did it all progress? I don’t be well-known with, however I suspect and once women earned the right to vote the engagement for women’s rights became not as much of of a pressing theme. Jointly side occur any struggle lowers their guard, the other side gains power. However the ladies who were already placed in Hollywood were “grandfathered” into their jobs, perhaps prevailing girls trying for those positions were turned away? Or maybe company shifted away from the idea of girls in the workplace? Sloted in the same way the strides made by the girls’s advance from the second wave of feminism proceed the 1970s used to be erased by the anti feminist backlash of the mid 1980s (often help by ladies like Phyllis Schlafly), perhaps the pendulum swung the other way sloted in the late 1920s? Whatever the reason, today’s Hollywood is nothing like the silent age...

Except for the proliferation of screenwriting novels! So let’s jump into the point in time machine and certainly figure back to 1920 with “About how exactly To Write screenplays” written by Anita Loos... even in spite of this she had to share the mortgage as well as her philandering husband John Emerson.

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